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Dave Harper Construction
Offers Roof Repair and Installation

If you are looking for a roofing contractor and excavation in Mount Pleasant, PA, or the surrounding areas, we can help. Dave Harper Construction offers metal, shingle, and rubber roof repair and installation for residential and commercial clients. From missing shingles to holes in the roof, our team can provide proper roof repair in a timely manner. Our roofing contractors are also well-known for professional, experienced roof installation. Call us at (724) 322-2935 for an estimate in Mount Pleasant or the surrounding areas.

Land Clearing for the Mount Pleasant, PA, Area

Dave Harper Construction offers land clearing for the Mount Pleasant, PA, area. Land clearing is necessary for various construction projects. Our team can properly remove rocks, shrubs, trees, stumps, and other obstructions for your project. We are licensed and insured.

Excavation for French Drains and Sewer Lines

Along with land clearing, Dave Harper Construction can provide excavation for French drains and sewer lines. French drains are a way to reroute water from rain or snow. Standing water or poor drainage can affect basements, foundations, and the yard. A French drain allows water to move and not rest against the structure.

Dave Harper Construction also provides excavation for sewer line work. If you need sewer lines installed or repairs, make a call to our contractors. We can properly and safely dig up lines and assist with repairs and installation.

Siding and Soffit and Fascia Work in Mount Pleasant, PA

Dave Harper Construction installs vinyl siding in Mount Pleasant, PA, and the surrounding areas. Vinyl siding is an affordable, low-maintenance option for many homes and businesses. It comes in many colors to best suit your property.

Our roofing contractors also work with soffit and fascia. While many property owners may not think much about their soffit and fascia, it is very important to the roof. Soffit covers the meeting point of the roof and siding, protecting against water and pests. Fascia board allows the structure to appear finished. If you need new soffit and fascia in Mount Pleasant, PA, reach out to our roofing contractors.

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